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Fence Installation: Installing a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are one of the easiest ways to provide a safe enclosure relatively quickly. While they are usually not meant to “spruce up” a yard, they are perfect for back yards and businesses looking for extra protection. Installation of a chain link fence is a process similar to that of installing many other […]

Best Ways To Maintain Your Fence

Here at Anello Fence we only install the highest quality fences NJ has to offer. But as with anything, severe weather and pesky animals can damage your fence. Luckily, there are some very simple tips and tricks for keeping your fence looking brand new and we’re here to share them with you… Visually Inspect For […]

How To Care For Your Wood Fence

Congrats – you’ve installed your new wood fence and it looks great! But now you have to make sure it is properly maintained to keep it lasting a lifetime. Fortunately for you, Anello Fence only uses the highest quality wood fencing materials there is. However, wood is still prone to damage from extreme weather conditions […]

A Finishing Touch to Your Home

Vinyl fences are some of the most attractive fences available to homeowners today. They are an easy, yet cost effective way to add immediate value to the home, and accentuate the home’s natural landscape. Being the most durable, long lasting fence on the market, it’s easy to see why vinyl fences have quickly become a […]

Fixing a Leaning Fence NJ Fence Contractors

While an upright, erect fence provides security and prevents entry into a confined space, one that leans poses a safety hazard, appears unsightly and stands out in the landscape. Fences are usually made of wooden posts and wire that tend to sag or lean with time due to wood rot, excessively strong winds, excess weight […]

Prevent Birds From Perching NJ Fencing Contractors

Sure those birds are pretty and look sweet perched on your beautiful wooden fence but they also tend to leave bird droppings that are anything but attractive. Bird droppings are also difficult to wash off of your wood fence. Fortunately, there is a very easy solution that won’t harm the birds and won’t deter from the beauty of your […]