Should You Hire a Fence Contractor or DIY?

Fences are a very worthy investment for your home. They can do everything from add beauty to your yard and your neighborhood, give you privacy, provide a sound barrier, and give your children and your pets a safe place to play. After you have decided that you want to add one to your property, you may have the burning question in your mind of whether you should hire a fence contractor or DIY. Below are a few things that you should address before you make any decisions.

Type of Fence 

The type of fence you want can make a big difference in the level of difficulty that it will take to construct it. You need to take a good look at if you think you can safely assemble and build it on your own. Keep in mind that a contractor is skilled at constructing all types of fences, whether it’s a simple style or a more complicated one.

Extent of the Job

You will definitely need to know the extent of the job, meaning all of the supplies that you will need, where to find them, any measurements and cutting that’s needed, and so on. Pre-assembled fences are easier for a rookie to work with as opposed to a more extravagant design. Some jobs require an extensive tool list that could cost hundreds alone to gather.


Constructing a fence solely on your own can be very challenging and requires a lot of time, hard labor, and experience. When you hire a contractor, they come equipped with a team of skilled workers who are reliable and licensed.

The planning and the work that goes into building a fence is not something to underestimate. Contact us today at Anello Fence, LLC for more information on how we can help you get the job done right.

Popular Home Improvement Ideas That Will Increase The Value of Your Home

Does your home seem worn and outdated? Making some simple updates can dramatically improve the look and value of your entire property today. Below are four easy home improvement projects that you should consider.

New Fencing

Here at Anello Fence we specialize in installing and repairing all types of fencing. We have seen the improvements a new fence can make on all types of properties. In fact, some of the biggest transformations we’ve seen have been when we tear down old fences and put up brand new ones. If you’re looking to update your yard, contact us for a new fence.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms can get grimy and dirty yet many people don’t think about updating them. Remodeling your bathroom can bring a whole new look and feel to the inside of your home. Not only that, it can make you feel less stressed now that it’s not so gross any more!

Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen gets a lot of use. Many people spend the majority of their day in the kitchen. From cooking to cleaning, it gets a lot of wear. If your kitchen looks old and in need of an update, remodeling could be a great option. From new kitchen cabinets to new countertops, installing even something simple like a new refrigerator could make the kitchen feel like new.


Does your property look dull? If you’re not into gardening, proper landscaping can still help bring a new life to your property. You can work with a landscaper to install shrubs, plants, or even trees to make your property look like new. Here are some great landscaping ideas.

Renovate Your Basement

If you currently only use your basement for storage and washing clothes, you might want to think about converting it into a refinished basement. The whole process isn’t hard to do and can really increase the overall value of your home.

Add Solar Power

If your energy bills are high, you should probably look into solar power. Yes, the initial investment could be a lot of money but you will eventually start to save a lot of money. Many people think that installing solar power will make their home look ugly and choose not to do it. That’s false! First, solar panels are hard to see unless you’re above the house. Second, they increase the resale value of the home.

Invisible Dog Fence

Is an Invisible Dog Fence Right for Your Yard?

Your dog’s safety in your yard is of the utmost importance. When it comes to fencing, you have many different options within two categories: traditional fences, like wood, PVC, or chain link; and electronic, or “invisible,” dog fences. How do you know if an invisible dog fence is an option you should explore? Asking yourself the following questions will help you decide if an invisible dog fence is the right choice for your dog and yard.


Can You Commit to Training?

            -If Yes: Electronic dog fence training usually takes 15-30 minutes per day for up to two weeks. It’s extremely important for training to be done on a consistent basis in the exact manner described by the fence manufacturer. Training will teach your dog their boundaries and the consequences of disregarding them (warning beeps followed by an uncomfortable, mild static shock). If you will put forth the time and effort required for training your dog, then you can consider an invisible dog fence for your yard.

            -If No: Inconsistent or incomplete training will mean your dog won’t fully understand the invisible dog fence. They’ll be unclear on their boundaries, and this will lead to them experiencing the uncomfortable, annoying static shock of their e-collar regularly. Dogs that are properly trained will not experience the static shock after their training period. If you’re unable or unwilling to guarantee your commitment to training your dog, then do not purchase an invisible dog fence.


Is Your Dog an Escape Artist?

-If Yes: Some dogs are so determined to get out of the yard that they’ll find a way no matter what – by either digging, jumping, climbing, or breaking through the fence. If your dog is an escape artist, an electronic dog fence might be the tool you need to keep them contained. An invisible dog fence will not allow your dog to get close to the property line; they’re prevented from crossing over or going under the electronic fence boundaries. For the most cunning escape artists, the combination of a traditional fence and invisible fence will be impenetrable.

            -If No: If your dog doesn’t have the drive to get out of your yard, or if they’re unable to find a way past a traditional fence, then an electronic fence may not be necessary. Some dogs are perfectly content to stay on their side of the fence, and they will not challenge the obvious physical barrier. If your dog respects a traditional fence, then an underground dog fence is not needed, although it can still be used if it’s your preference.


Is Your Dog Aggressive?

-If Yes: If your dog is aggressive, it’s equally as important to keep other people and animals out of your yard as it is to keep your dog inside it. Your dog’s aggression can make them a danger or a liability, so it’s not wise to take any risks. The best method of protection is to use both a traditional fence and an invisible fence – but you should never use an invisible fence alone. Also, the e-collar with the strongest available correction level may be needed.

            -If No: If your dog is friendly and has never exhibited any signs of aggression, then it’s generally safe to use only one method of containment. It’s up to you whether you use an invisible fence or traditional fence. If you use an invisible fence, however, be sure to have a clearly posted sign notifying people that the system is in use. Even nice dogs can turn mean when they’re startled or if their territory is suddenly encroached upon by unwitting visitors.


Do You Have a Nice View?

-If Yes: Sometimes the view from your property is too stunning to obscure with a solid, traditional fence. If you live on the waterfront, for example, or overlook the mountains, you may not want to mar the scenery with a fence. In this case, an invisible dog fence is the perfect solution for keeping your dog contained and preserving your coveted view of the landscape.

            -If No: If you don’t have a view that you want to preserve, then an invisible dog fence isn’t necessary unless you prefer it. On the other hand, if the view from your property is unappealing in any way, you might actually prefer a traditional fence to obscure the unattractive landscape. Ornate or sleek and modern traditional fences can be used to enhance the look of your property.


Do You Have Multiple Acres?

-If Yes: Large yards are more expensive to enclose with traditional fences. In particular, if you have a farm or ranch, and you want your dog to have the run of it, an invisible fence system is a less expensive and more reliable option. Some electronic dog fences can enclose up to 100 acres of property, and the main system will notify you if there is a break in the wire. This is more secure than a traditional fence, which you’d have to regularly inspect its entirety.

            -If No: A smaller yard is less expensive to enclose with a traditional fence, so it’s up to you to decide if you prefer a traditional or electronic fence. Yards that are smaller than a couple acres can be reliably secured by a wireless dog fence system, which is easiest of all to setup.


Do You Have a Small Budget?

            -If Yes: As mentioned above, large yards are expensive to enclose with traditional fences. Electronic dog fences are less expensive because after you purchase the main system, you only need to buy enough wire to line the perimeter. Wire is less expensive than sections of fence. For a small yard, you may not even need extra wire, and in that case, your DIY electric dog fence system can cost less than $300 total.

            -If No: If you aren’t restricted by a budget, then you can choose the type of fence you prefer. You may even decide to install both a traditional fence and an electronic dog fence, for maximum security with two layers of protection. You could also choose a wireless dog fence system, which is easier to install, but slightly more expensive than a wired system.


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pool fence

Choosing a Pool Fence

Pool fences have revolutionized remarkably over the last few years. A lot of emphasis is now placed on regulating pool fences and promoting security in pools. Pool fences are very crucial and the role they have played in promoting safety has been quite enormous.

However, one of the biggest challenges most people face is the limited fence options in the market. There are three types of pool fences today all of which can be a perfect pick for people who are looking for effective and safe pool fences at no extra costs. Here is an overview of some of the main pool fences in the market at the moment:

Ornamental Aluminium

Ornamental aluminum is an elegant and durable fence and has become one the most popular pool fence in the US today. Aluminium fences come with powder coating which makes them very good in any weather. The best thing about aluminium is the fact that it offers a very cost-effective pool fence option. Additionally, ornamental aluminium is very effective and can give you amazing service over a long period of time. It requires low maintenance and one of its biggest shortcomings is the lack of enough privacy.

Vinyl (PVC)

Vinyl fencing is the perfect pool fence for people who are looking for maximum privacy. The fence can be easily customized to meet your needs and has a number of great advantages. To start with, vinyl fences require very little maintenance, they are very cost-effective and most importantly vinyl pool fences are readily available in the market. The biggest shortcoming observed in vinyl fences is the fact that the gate tends to sag over time. There are also limited color options as many vinyl fences are basically white albeit some manufacturers tend to add some tan into it.


Wood is also a very popular material in pool fences. Although in recent years it has been overtaken by PVC and ornamental aluminum due to their low maintenance requirements, it is still a perfect fence option for anyone. The best thing about wood fences is the fact that it can be easily customized in line with your needs.

In addition, wood is less expensive than aluminum and PVC and can be an ideal option for people looking for a low cost pool fence. The biggest challenge in wood fences is the maintenance. However, if you can understand the simple ways to keep it strong, it can really offer you some good service.

Generally, the need to fence your pool has a number of benefits and it is important to critically look at the options above and choose one that suits you best. Keep in mind that these fences come with different prices and are meant to meet different needs. With that said, make sure you understand what you are looking for.

fence companies in nj

Choosing a Fence Company in NJ

Your home is, most likely, your biggest investment. It is important that you keep it safe. Having a fence installed ensures the safety of your property, home, cars, and, most importantly, your family. Before you can choose a fence style, it’s important to make sure you select a fence contractor that has the abilities and resources to complete the job at a reasonable price, on time, and without error.

Choosing the right fence company in NJ for your next project can be a tough decision. We know it can be a headache, there are a lot of things to consider before making a final decision. That is why we created this article, to help you pick the best fence contractor in NJ.

The first step is to search the internet for phrases such as: “fence installation nj”, “aluminum fence nj”, etc. This will give you a good idea of what companies are around the NJ area.

Make sure to check out there social media profiles. Are they actively engaging with their customers and posting regularly? If so, you know that this fence company cares about customer service.

Next, look for companies with professional looking websites. This is a sign that they care about the quality of their work. If a fence contractor spends little time and money of the look of their own site, what makes you think they will work harder on your fence?

After you find a few companies, search their sites. Do they have a lot of information regarding the services they provide and products/materials they sell? A reliable company will have all the information you will need right on their website.

Lastly, contact each company by phone and ask them a few questions to learn more about their process. Below is a list of questions you may want to consider…

  • Do you provide American made fencing materials?
  • How long do you estimate [insert your project] will take?
  • Can you provide any references?

Follow those simple steps and you will find the best fence company in NJ for your next fencing job.

To learn more about Anello Fence and the services we provide, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Split Rail Fence Repair

Split rail fences are one of the most susceptible fences to damage, and thus needing to be repaired. That is because, often times, split rail fences are most from untreated wood. Untreated wood can leave this fence open to damage from bugs, small animals, and general weather damage. We are big fans of split rail fences but if the posts are not set correctly, it could spell eventual doom for the fence.

Repairing this type of fence is similar to repairing a wood fence but can be a bit harder. We start by assessing the damage. Is the fence broken from wind/weather? Is it a problem with animals? Is there rot damage? Answering these questions gives us a better idea of what we’re dealing with and how we should proceed.

Once we’ve assessed the situation and found the cause of the damage, it’s time to figure out whether we should repair or replace the fence. Repairing is not always the cheapest option. Sometimes it is more effective to have that entire part of the split rail fence replaced. This is much easier for us because we are one of the largest suppliers of fence materials in the tri-state area. This allows us to have fencing materials on hand when you, the customer, needs them.

If we decide to repair the fence, the length of time the project should take us depends on what the damage is. If it’s rot, we have to inspect the fence posts to make sure the entire fence is not compromised (this can add a bit of time to the project).

Overall, repairing a split rail fence is a tedious task but done right it can help keep your fence looking great!

Pool Safety

With spring in full-swing and summer slowly on its way, now is the time to have your pool fence installed.

Pool related injuries and deaths are unfortunately more common than many believe. Our friends over at have put together a great infographic sharing ways to keep you and your loved ones safe around a pool. Read more

Anello Fence TV Commercial

Fence Installation: Installing a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are one of the easiest ways to provide a safe enclosure relatively quickly. While they are usually not meant to “spruce up” a yard, they are perfect for back yards and businesses looking for extra protection.

Installation of a chain link fence is a process similar to that of installing many other types of fences. Below is a simple outline of what we do…

First, we find  your property’s boundary lines. It’s important that we make sure, when setting the posts, that we do not encroach on your neighbors property line.

Next we measure and mark the exact location of each post with a stake (accommodating for hinges, gate posts, etc).

fence-install-chain-linkHere’s a good diagram explaining how we go about installing the fence post. It’s very important that the posts are level and set at the right height or else the entire installation will be ruined.

After the terminal posts have set, we then locate and set the line posts.

Next comes installing the fittings to the terminal posts and apply each terminal post cap.

Once the fittings and post caps are on, we can move on to putting the top rails on the fence.

Lastly, after the posts have all set, we install the chain link. This is where exact measurement in the previous steps comes into play. Even if you are just an inch off, it can distort the entire fence. That’s why our motto is, “measure twice, cut once”.

If you’re interested in our chain link fence installation services, give us a call today!


Fence Companies: What to Ask For Before Purchasing a Fence in NJ

pvc vinyl fenceChoosing the best fence company can be tough for a lot of people. There’s a lot to consider!

We noticed a lot of first time fence buyers wondering what they should ask prior making a purchase. If you’re one of those people, this blog post is just for you.

Today we’re going to go over everything you should look for when searching for the right fence companies in NJ.

“How much experience do they have?”

This is a big question that a lot of consumers forget to ask but it’s very important. Experience in the fencing industry will tell you a lot about how good the craftsmen are. If they’re only a few years old, you might want to pass. Look for companies like Anello Fence that have over 50 years experience.

“Are they licensed and insured?”

Making sure that the company you hire is license and insured is also very important. If something goes wrong and someone is injured, you want to make sure that there are no liabilities on your end. Plus, these things tell you that they are a legal, professional company operating in New Jersey.

“Are they reliable?”

In todays day and age, with sites like Yelp, it’s easy to see company reviews. However, be careful because the reviews you see can sometimes be from other companies  trying to damage the reputation of a competitor. This unfortunately has happened to us. Fortunately, you can view a selection of our client testimonials here.

“How big is their selection of fencing products?”

Often times fence companies cannot afford to carry all of the popular styles – vinyl, aluminum, chain link, etc. Make sure to ask if they carry your preferred style in stock. That way you don’t have to wait weeks (or even months) for them to have your fence shipped from the distributor. As one of NJ’s largest fence companies, we carry the largest selection in the state. This is because we have warehouses full of the highest quality fence supplies.

“Do they serve my area?”

Even though New Jersey is a small state, a lot of fence companies only serve a small portion of it. When searching for the right company, make sure you find out if they serve your area. Anello Fence proudly serves the entire state of NJ – no job is to far away for us.

There you have it, the five questions you should ask every fence company before buying from them!

If you’re interested in working with Anello Fence, we’d love to set up a free estimate! Fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.