Fence Installation: Installing a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are one of the easiest ways to provide a safe enclosure relatively quickly. While they are usually not meant to “spruce up” a yard, they are perfect for back yards and businesses looking for extra protection.

Installation of a chain link fence is a process similar to that of installing many other types of fences. Below is a simple outline of what we do…

First, we find  your property’s boundary lines. It’s important that we make sure, when setting the posts, that we do not encroach on your neighbors property line.

Next we measure and mark the exact location of each post with a stake (accommodating for hinges, gate posts, etc).

fence-install-chain-linkHere’s a good diagram explaining how we go about installing the fence post. It’s very important that the posts are level and set at the right height or else the entire installation will be ruined.

After the terminal posts have set, we then locate and set the line posts.

Next comes installing the fittings to the terminal posts and apply each terminal post cap.

Once the fittings and post caps are on, we can move on to putting the top rails on the fence.

Lastly, after the posts have all set, we install the chain link. This is where exact measurement in the previous steps comes into play. Even if you are just an inch off, it can distort the entire fence. That’s why our motto is, “measure twice, cut once”.

If you’re interested in our chain link fence installation services, give us a call today!


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