Picking the Perfect Fence, Pequannock NJ

Installing a fence involves more work than digging post holes and nailing boards together. In addition to updating the appearance of your home, a good fence design can add value and security. Take some time to look at the variety of fence designs in your neighborhood. Whether you want a privacy, picket or boundary fence, there are many attractive options in a range of prices.

Consider the following list of things when choosing exactly what kind of fence you’d like:

  • Which type of fence matches your home and neighborhood? Look at fences in your neighborhood and see which styles strike you as the most attractive.
  • How close can the fence be to the property line?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the purpose of the fence? Do you want privacy? Should it be high enough to contain a pet or a child? Is it decorative and bordering flowerbeds? Is it a security fence? Will the fence enclose a pool area?
  • Are you willing to regularly maintain a wood fence, or is metal a better option?
  • If you choose a wood fence, will it need painting or staining?
  • Does the decorative side of the fence face your home, or your neighbor’s? Will the fence impede your neighbor’s view or enjoyment of their yard, living area or office?
  • Research pricing of various fences while keeping your budget in mind.

A little planning will help you choose the right type of fence. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you may have about materials or the installation process.