How To Care For Your Wood Fence

Congrats – you’ve installed your new wood fence and it looks great!

But now you have to make sure it is properly maintained to keep it lasting a lifetime. Fortunately for you, Anello Fence only uses the highest quality wood fencing materials there is. However, wood is still prone to damage from extreme weather conditions and animals. Use the tips below to make sure that your new wood fence stays in pristine condition.

  • Every few months make sure to inspect your fence for damages. Falling branches from high winds can fall on your fence. Even the smallest crack can open the treated wood, leading to rot.
  • Before the winter months, check your wood fence for animal nests. Birds and squirrels love to burrow their way into man-made object, this is especially true for fencing. You’ll want to have the animal safely removed from the fence and have the fence repaired.
  • Clean your fence regularly. Mold can eat away at the top, treated layer of your fence, leaving it more susceptible to weather damage. Make sure to run a power washer over your fence when necessary.

There you have it, three easy tips to keep your wood fence maintained! Let us know if you have any questions by dropping us a line here.

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