wood-fencesWhether you’re looking to beautify your yard, define boundaries or gain privacy, Anello Fence, LLC can provide the fence that’s right for the job. Cedar fence material is dimensionally stable much more so than other woods so there is minimal shrinkage; your cedar fence will stay straight and sturdy.

Cedar wood has a beauty all its own with colors, grains, and textures unmatched by any other fence material. If you want colors other than cedar’s own natural tones (white or red), the wood can easily be stained. We offer a full line of quality wood fences in a variety of styles and heights ranging from 3 to 6 foot, including:

  • Picket: available in a classic victorian or spaced picket with a variety of 14 different board styles and custom shapes such as a scallop or arch. The spacing can be made to meet pool code.
  • Stockade/solid panel: used for privacy and security. Different styles and shapes will enable you to express your individuality and provide an attractive addition to your home.
  • Traditional tongue & groove: the perfect good neighbor fence, with both sides looking identical. It can be framed or customized with a lattice top.
  • Board on board: know as the traditional good neighbor fence due to it being the same on both sides. This is considered the fence for semi pirvacy as the alternate board styling allows for air flow through the openings. The spacing can be made to meet pool code.
  • Lattice: an ideal landscape accent. Carefully created with an old world charm, they are available in square, diagnal, or shaped styles.
  • Post and Rail: an open design allows these fences to be used for animal containment without blocking a view or simply to outline your propety. It is available in 2 or 3 rail and in paddle, dowelled, and diamond shape as well as a split rail.

Call Anello Fence, LLC today to custom build your dream wood fence.